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Ways to Help the Elderly Recover from Depression

Recovery from depression involves redirecting your thoughts and exploring new things to enjoy life, staying physically well and maintaining social interactions with others which includes friends, family and the community.

Putting the following steps in place can help you to feel more energetic, and hopeful. You don’t have to do it all in one day as taking small steps can result in decreasing depressive symptoms and increasing your overall health.

Sign up for a class or join a group -Try engaging in activities at a senior center, a cooking class workshop or a book club or find other groups with people who have similar interests.

Volunteer- One of the best ways to increase your happiness and expand your social network is by giving your time to others.

Join a support group for depression – Being around other who are experiencing some of the same symptoms as you can help with relating, while giving and receiving support.

Engage in social activities- Depression can result in isolation which only makes things worse. Even if you don’t feel like it, push yourself to engage, as being around others will make you feel less depressed.

Focus on what you can actively do now, not on what you use to be able to do. Thinking about what you use to be able to do can cause you to feel frustrated and angry which may perpetuate the depressive feelings. Instead of focusing on the past focus on the things that you can do in the present moment and you will see how much you still have to offer.

Exercise - Exercise increases endorphins which are the chemical in the brain that makes you feel good. Take a short walk  and see how much better you feel.  Look for small ways to add more movement to your day.


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