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Mental Health & Wellness Matters Program 


Breakthrough to Mental Health and Wellness curriculum is designed to raise mental health awareness, increase self-esteem and self-development in students which can significantly impact their ability to learn and progress both mentally and academically.  Each session includes objectives that will reinforce each subject matter which will be conducted through experiential role play, visual aids and through creative writing.

Students who participate in the workshop sessions will: 

  • Identify internal and external factors that can prevent students from being and achieving their goals.

  • Learn positive healthy coping skills for managing life challenges.

  • Learn to acknowledge, understand, regulate, and navigate emotional struggles.

  • Increase self-esteem, self-love and develop a deeper sense of self awareness.

  • Students will have improved emotional intelligence of social awareness and relationship management. 

  • Learn about the dangers of self-destructive outlets.

  • Increase Martin Luther King Middle School staff knowledge of practical ways to support students’ mental health.

  • Work with parents on psychoeducation and ways to support their children’s mental and educational goals.  

Breakthrough to Mental Health and Wellness workshop offers 

 session series of workshops

Affirming Self

Emotion Intelligence 

Healthy Boundaries

Mental Health

Stress Management/Relaxation

Distinct Personality Traits 

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