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Positive Thinking

Have you ever felt done and consumed by negative thoughts?

Affirmations are positive statements that you say to yourself daily that can help you to overcome negative self talk and criticizing.

Our minds are one of the most powerful tools that we can tap into to bring about positive changes in our lives as what we think we become.

Positive affirmations are what you say to yourself to change negative thoughts.

Just as many of us do repetitive exercises such as walking, running and squats to improve our physical health, affirmations are like exercises for our minds.

Positive affirmations are very powerful because they release you from negativity, fear, worry, and anxiety.

When positive affirmations are repeated over and over again, they begin to take charge of your thoughts, slowly changing your pattern of thinking and ultimately changing your life.

And so you may ask how does it work? Believe it or not, it works by using 2 little words that are very powerful with making positive changes and these 2 words are "I Am.“

I am are your words and only you can create your l Am.

To show you an example of how affirmations work I am going to recite some positive affirmations and I want you to repeat the affirmations back to yourself either out loud, in your head or you can write the affirmations down. Okay! Are you ready? Let's get started.

I am blessed

I am a vibration with a frequency of success

I am wealthy

I am grateful

I am protected

I am healthy

These are some positive affirmations and now I challenge you to create your own.

As you go throughout your day of work, caring for the kids, or just relaxing, I want you to be more mindful of your thoughts and to speak from a place of love and positivity. Sing the words “I am” and watch your life change.


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