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J. S.

"I love therapy as there is nothing like talking to someone who does not judge me and who has no emotional ties to my life"

M. P.

"Two years ago I was diagnosed with dementia. My doctor suggested I see a therapist to help me cope with the changes that inevitably are to come. I knew what to expect because my father and two aunts had died from dementia and it was scary.


I looked on Psychology Today and specifically looked for someone who was a Christian, who had experience in dementia and who took Medicare. Val fit the bill so I made an appt. I couldn't have been happier!


Val is the sweetest, most caring person you will ever meet. We instantly clicked and I felt she was the perfect fit. She listens so well and gently offers me encouragement, and has the best advice ever. She also has a wonderful sense of humor and we laugh a lot! And because she's a Christian she helps me on my Christian walk.


She's also experienced in helping you plan end-of-life issues. (ie a Living Will, POA, Healthcare Proxy, etc)


She has a unique way of making you feel special.


What impressed me most since the beginning is how she goes out of her way to help. One time I was very low on gas and I have difficulty pumping gas so as we left the session, she offered to do it. Who does that!


She made a very generous offer in the beginning to meet me in the community if the drive to her office becomes too difficult. And most especially, I am very grateful that she offers to do many sessions over the phone so I don't have to drive at all.


She is truly a gracious and selfless person. I have found a precious jewel and am so glad that she'll be a part of the rest of my life. My family has every confidence in her and are so glad that she's made herself so available to me. God has truly blessed me and I cannot recommend her enough!"

Hands Up
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