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4 ways to manage your emotions and practice positive self control:

Are you feeling trapped in your thoughts and overwhelmed with emotions? 

Wanna know how to gain control? 

Here are 4 ways to manage your emotions and practice positive self control:

  1. Be still- When you experience a negative emotion be aware that it takes only 90 seconds for it to pass through your system. From the time your limbic system generates the emotion to the time that chemical reaction dissipates, is a minute and a half. Allow yourself to feel the emotion but don’t get involved in the thought that generated as it will pass and you’ll regain your equilibrium.

  2. Smile or laugh - Smiling is a great mood booster which produces endorphins, known as a “happy” brain chemical that acts as a natural pain killer which reduces anxiety, eases stress, and reduces chronic pain. If you wake up emotional, angry or stressed, smile at yourself in the mirror even if you don’t want to. Stand there and hold your smile until it’s a real smile. Chances are your smile will make you laugh. Try it! 

  3. Meditate- Meditation can shift your mood and help you to calm yourself and gain self control. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing for as long as it takes you to calm down. Feel the inhale and exhale; count your breaths if you like. Do whatever it takes to keep your focus on your breath and off the situation. 

  4. Redirect your thoughts by doing something you enjoy. When you redirect your thoughts by engaging in an activity you’re passionate about, it’s difficult to feel bad. Doing what you love uplifts your spirit in so many ways!

If these strategies do not help and you continue to have trouble managing your emotions talk to someone or reach out to a professional who can help you gain additional tools to manage your emotions. 

Emotions and thoughts that are left unchecked has the potential to take over our lives. All that we do seems to be controlled by what we feel. And when these feelings are unpleasant, its easy to feel trapped and overwhelmed.

Remember you are not your emotions! 


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